Alongside taking classes within this department, they are required to complete the general education requirements and electives, to complete their education in history.

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Alongside taking classes within this department, they are required to complete the general education requirements and electives, to complete their education in history. It also helps to understand the meanings and meanings of messages that are encrypted in older artifacts. Since it began offering the first classes on evenings in the year 1965 The College of Southern Idaho has been committed to providing a high-quality education that aids in improving the workforce of the area. Thus, earning an art’s historical bachelor’s degree is an adventure to discover new knowledge while also learning a lot while doing it. In order to help achieve this goal the school offers an associate’s degree in the field of history, which helps students develop in their writing and thinking skills and a passion for continuous learning. How studying Church History Strengthens My Faith. These are qualities that can be a benefit to whatever field they decide to pursue after graduation.

When I was in high school living in South Africa, I enjoyed studying the history of the country. Through a mix of reading assignments, lectures and other resources, students are able to learn about the past from a variety of perspectives and develop an appreciation for the process of history. While at university I graduated with a diploma in history.

Since its founding, Tyler Junior College has offered a high-quality education that students require to contribute to the community through their chosen professions. While a seminary student, and later the institute students, I was awed by all of my classes, but I especially enjoyed reading the Doctrine and Covenants since it brought me into the Church’s history. Students who graduate with an associate’s degree in historical studies at the college take classes on United States history, Texas government and the world geography and global religions, the Federal government, and the history of African-Americans. Through the years, I’ve loved reading books about Church history. Additionally, the school requires students to complete classes outside of the department of history, like math and composition, behavioral science ethics, sociology, and foreign language courses. Some even addressed the most difficult issues in our history.

If they are looking to enter the workforce right after graduation or pursue an academic program that lasts for four years students will be provided with the knowledge they require to achieve their goals. In the process of continuing to study about the history of the Church through various sources, my own faith grows. Students looking to pursue a degree that is four years long can begin the process of achieving this goal by earning an associate’s degree in history in Sinclair College. Here are three ways it occurs. The program not only offers courses that provide students with an advantage in pursuing a history bachelor’s degree, but it also provides them with a broad education that will aid in laying the foundation to pursue a degree in a different subject.

Midwest City, OK. These were confusing and troublesome. Rose State College has an associate’s degree in history which offers students a wide selection of subjects to learn about. As time passed in the past, there was a historical rationale that was understood and offered the most comfort. Alongside the core subjects like United States, European, and historical studies students also have the opportunity to learn about the history of Africa-American female, African-American, as well as LGBT perspectives.

This is particularly evident when we consider the contributions "ordinary" people have contributed to the church. Highlight of the Program The Online Bachelor’s Degree in History. For instance, the very first chapels that were built in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia during the 1960s as well as the 50s was possible because of the efforts of members.

Students who pursue the online bachelor of Arts in history degree get an education that is interdisciplinary. The temple ordinances demanded more sacrifice. The curriculum covers a variety of areas like sociology, anthropology and political science and economics, as well as how they impact the growth of culture, society and the political structure. As they knew it would be a long time before they could build temples in Africa the members of the church had to sell their possessions, including their homes, to earn enough money to visit the temple and to participate in these sacred ceremonies.

Students develop critical thinking writing, research and writing skills to help them prepare for future studies or for effective communication at work and in fields ranging from education to public administration. It is believed that the Church of the African continent is based upon the beliefs of those early members, who had no money but gave up to the point of death. As with most bachelor’s degree programs that are online, a degree in the field of history will require around 120 hours of credit. When I read their histories I am strengthened in my faith and my willingness to give up increases. Students can finish the degree within four to five years, based on the number of credits completed each semester. My church history has encouraged me to become better at keeping records . In the majority of distance learning programs students are able to take classes completely online to give them the most flexibility. The church has advised me to keep a journal.

Spotlight Interview. Why? because the Church’s history is an account of the "manner of living, … faith and deeds" and actions of the Church’s members (see Doctrine and Covenants 85:2). Name: Brittney B. Every time I read about the Church’s history, including the latest History, Saints, I am amazed at the fact that these books can be created only through the journal entries, letters and other papers of the ordinary individuals of the Church. Degree Bachelor’s Degree in History Mode: Online.

Their honest, first-person experiences inspire me to become an even better journal-keeper as well as assisting future historians record an accurate historical record of the Church’s history in Africa. Q. There is also a personal satisfaction from studying church history and working to be faithful to my own record. What was the most memorable aspect of the distance learning you have received at your school? In the manner that president Henry B. One of the major benefits for distance education is it allows for me to go to school while working normal hours.

Eyring, Second Counselor of the First Presidency, has taught me, I am blessed by the ability to observe and keep in mind the Lord’s presence in my own life and in the life of the members of my household. The possibility of finishing my degree online was among the primary reasons I chose the college of my choice. Recollections of the past strengthen my testimony and improves my capacity to meet difficulties in my own life. I am happy how the Blackboard system as well as the portal on the web of the school are simple to navigate.

When I maintain my personal list and reflect on other members of the church’s careful record, I begin to discern the designs of our Lord when He restores His Kingdom and His Church in the final days.

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