Endo Organic Hemp Wraps Cones 4ct Haze Grape Display Of 15

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Experience the richness of Endo Haze Grape Hemp Wrap Cone, available in a display of 15 pouches. Crafted from organic hemp, our hemp cones promise a pure and natural smoking experience. Each pouch contains 4 full-sized wraps, meticulously pre-rolled to perfection for your convenience. Carefully packaged and secured to prevent any dents or breaks, our hemp cones ensure a seamless smoking session every time. Once you prepare your smoke with our hemp cones, you’ll understand why Endo is the ultimate choice for the hemp professional. Please note that variations in size and color may occur due to the handmade nature of our product. Elevate your smoking experience with Endo Haze Grape Hemp Wrap Cone today.

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