They find yourself departing on a journey to acquire her or him along that have Hayato and you may Ayshe as his or her escorts

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They find yourself departing on a journey to acquire her or him along that have Hayato and you may Ayshe as his or her escorts

Promised Tree Arch

Shortly after leaking out Grace Community along with her siblings, Gilda therefore the other people started finding place B06-32 with assistance from a couple demons; Mujika and Sonju, which it discovered many things out-of. They later on realized it is a low profile protection from the wilderness. She starts traditions around for approximately couple of years and you will matches Mister. [7]

Identify Minerva Arc

Gilda and Wear was entrusted when planning on taking of younger children when you are Emma, Beam, and Mister leave on their stop by at Goldy Pond. Gilda conveys their worry for the her or him several times, as well as threatens Mister that she’d inflate this new safeguards in the event that he cannot give Beam and you will Emma straight back real time.

Cuvitidala Arch

Much more than just per year has gone by, Gilda, together with Wear, Ray, Emma, Violet, and you may Zack infiltrated on the a demon community inside the disguise once their achievement in finding the newest Golden Seas therefore the forehead as they wandered through the community towards the recommendations out of Cover B06-32. They in the future returned to the brand new safety and reunited with Mister, Lucas and also the others. [9]

Together with loved ones, Gilda escapes the newest Defense B06-thirty-two immediately following it had been raided because of the Andrew and his team, and later and you can mourns Lucas, Mister, and the other college students who shed their lives in the new attack.

Upon arriving at new Paradise Hide-out and meeting Norman, Gilda try seen to be thrilled. She later on gets an objective by Norman to locate Mujika and Sonju once again and additionally Wear, however, both of them try doubtful out-of his genuine intents.


Out of all the orphans, Emma ‘s the closest to help you Gilda. Despite Gilda’s teamwork morals and you can booked character and you may Emma a great deal more cavalier ideas, the 2 discover each other as near relatives it doesn’t matter. Gilda will act as a good motherly/sisterly figure toward Emma and profoundly cares for her really-being; when Emma risked the woman lives to store brand new orphans, Gilda sugarbook determined on her behalf recklessness and you will scolded the second.

Norman and you will Ray

She observes Norman and you can Ray as the brotherly figures and cares to own him or her greatly. Gilda keeps esteem to them as well as their options that will be confident in both of the results.

Wear and you may Gilda get are instead close friends and you will it is found one this woman is in a position to peaceful him off when he are angered otherwise saddened. The two usually are seen at the side of each other and is found that they faith each other greatly.

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