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<p>Total Merchandise – Hunting Products, Self defense products, Bongs & Accessories</p>
<p>Hunting Products, Self defense products, Bongs & Accessories</p>
<p>Hunting Products, Self defense products, Bongs & Accessories</p>

Self defense products, Hunting Products, Bongs & Accessories

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Water Pipes

Glass Bongs

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Self defense Products

Cool & Classy

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Digital scales/Grinder

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Hunting Products

Self Defense

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We are a general merchandise company and have a wide variety of fashion wear and accessories T-shirts, Hoodies, Sunglasses and Caps.

Self Defense Products

We offer high quality self defense products. 1) Self defense keychains 2) Survival bracelet 3) Knuckle dusters 4) Animal defense stun baton 5) Solar Flashlight

Hunting Products

We offer High Quality & low priced Hunting products. 1) Flashlights 2) Taser Stun Batons 3) Signal flare 4) Bear Spray 5) Bear Banger


Cool products include a wide selection of Bongs & accessories. We are a trusted source for Water pipes, Glass bongs, Oil Bongs and Silicone bongs.

Bongs & Accessories

We have made it simple and easy for your convenience. Nag Champa Incense Sticks, Buddy Smoke, Detox drinks, Digital Scales, Hemp wrap, Jet Lighters, Grinders.


Self Defense, Hunting & Bongs & Accessories

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All our products are designed for the cool guy. Our Self defense Products, Hunting products , Bongs & accessories - all come with cool designs.

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The products are stocked and shipped from our warehouse. You can expect delivery within Canada from 8-10 days from PO.

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Customer support

Our policies are customer friendly. With prompt telephonic and email support. Call us for any pre and post sales questions.

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The Hemp Culture

Total Merchandise – Hunting Products, Self defense products, Bongs & Accessories

Hemp culture

Hunting Products, Self defense products, Bongs & Accessories

Green Rollback

Hunting Products, Self defense products, Bongs & Accessories