British Columbia, Canada

<p>Total Merchandise – Hunting Products, Self defense products & Accessories  </p>
<p>Hunting Products, Self protection products, Outdoor adventure products</p>
<p>Lighters, Digital scales, Solar Torches</p>

Digital Scales, Torch , Lighters, Grinders etc

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Digital Scales

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Canada Import & export

Total Merchandise is one of the largest Import & export company based in British Columbia Canada. We deal in Digital scales, Lighters, Grinders, Torches and wide range of goods.

Our Services

We are a general merchandise company and have a wide variety of fashion wear and accessories T-shirts, Hoodies, Sunglasses and Caps.

Solar Torches

We offer high quality Torches useful for outdoors adventures & self protection products like Solar Flashlight.

Outdoor adventure Products

We offer High Quality & low priced variety of products 1) Flashlights 2) Signal flare 4) Bear Spray 5) Bear Banger etc

Digital Scales

Cool products include a wide selection of Digital Scales & accessories. We are a trusted source for Digital Scales.

Lighters & Incense sticks

We have made it simple and easy for your convenience. Nag Champa Incense Sticks, Detox drinks, Digital Scales, Jet Lighters, Grinders.


Self Defense, Hunting & Bongs & Accessories

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Top Quality

All our products are designed for the cool guy. Our Self defense Products, Hunting products , Bongs & accessories - all come with cool designs.

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Quick Delivery

The products are stocked and shipped from our warehouse. You can expect delivery within Canada from 8-10 days from PO.

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Customer support

Our policies are customer friendly. With prompt telephonic and email support. Call us for any pre and post sales questions.

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